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One of the first steps when addressing a problem to collect information on the size and scope of the problem. NEWIP works to improve regional invasive plant management. For us to effectively address invasive plants on a large, multi-county scale, we need more information about where these invasive plants are growing. 

You can help us by reporting invasive plants when you see them!

To make it easier for volunteers and natural resource professionals to report invasive plants, the University of Georgia developed the EDDMapS smartphone app. The app allows users to report observations of invasive plants and add details including photos, population size, and habitat type. The EDDMapS app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

For more information about reporting invasive plants, visit

If you'd like to see where different invasive plants are growing in Wisconsin, there are two major mapping applications that we suggest viewing. These two applications present generally the same data. has distribution maps for individual species. Go to and click "Distribution Maps" on the top of the page. From there, you can search for your species of interest. You can view the distribution of the species by points, states, or counties.

The Wisconsin Shared Terrestrial Invasive Plant Presence (WISTIPP) Viewer is an application created by UW-Extension. The WISTIPP viewer allows you to view the distributions of multiple invasive species at the same time.


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